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Automatic Thin Section Machine

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 Details of the Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine: 

Comprises: Diamond saw, water cooling system, vacuum pump, vacuum systems for cutting and grinding, 2 sets of 3 grinding rollers with embedded diamonds, automatic thickness acquisition and adjustable grinding speed.



   High Quality Thin Sections    Concrete, Rocks and Soil    User Friendly and Fast
·      Make thin sections without manual grinding
·      Secure against preparation damages
·      Preserve delicate microstructures
·      Constant quality of thin sections
·      Even thickness in full area
·      Constant microscope focus during analysis
·      Sizes up to 35mm x 75mm
·      Offers full finishing quality
·      (Polishing optional)
Fluorescence impregnated thin sections are excellent for:
·       General petrography
·       Mineralogy
·       Micro porosity / Cracking
·       Damage diagnosis
·       Quality control
·       Consultancy
·       Research
·      Requires little space
·      Works with very low noise
·      Gives no environmental hazards
·      Based on serial work procedures
·      Simple setting of grinding thickness
·      Requires 3-days training course only
·      10-30 thin sections per day by one operator
·      With training, check lists and specimen control


           High precision diamond roller technique  

Rim of ettringite crystals in air void; 40 years old concrete


   Thickness Control System    Well documented    Thin section analysis
The Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine has build-in thickness control:
·      Accuracy at 1-micron level
·      Required thickness is set before grinding
·      Sample is operated non-manually
·      Grinding stops automatically at set thickness
·      Same thickness at large production series
·      Applied by DBT/Pelcon for 25 years
The predecessor of the Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine:
·      In use at Universities, Accredited Laboratories, Research Institutions and Consultancies
·      Over 30,000 thin sections by one machine
Analysis of fluorescence impregnated thin sections:
·      Polarisation microscope
·      UV set-up (excitation & barrier filters)*
·      Microstructure analysis system*
·      QA system for analysis documentation*



New driving system (Patent pending):
Specimens are fixed by the two-sided vacuum holder for grinding of both blocks and final thin sections. The vacuum-holder with the specimen is moved gently over the rotating diamond roller by the silent low-pressure driving unit. This gives constant grinding pressure and results in improved and very high quality thin sections.


Thin section produced across a thin section of concrete. XPL, thickness: 20 µm


Low Consumables Cost (not included)

   Few Requirements

·       Glass*
·       Epoxy
·       Band steel*
·       UV-hardening glue*
·       Fluorescence powder*
·       Diamond blade*
·       Diamond rollers *
 *:     Purchased at Pelcon
The Pelcon Automatic Thin Section Machine requires:
·      110-220 V AC
·      Cooling water
·      Vacuum pump for the machine (included)
·      Vacuum impregnation chamber*
·      UV-lamp for UV-hardening glue*
·        Pre-impregnate fragile samples
·        Mount reference glass on back side of sample
·        Cut to ~10mm thickness incl. ref. glass
·        Grind with diamond rollers nos. 1-3
·        Gently clean and dry sample after each step
·        Vacuum impregnate with fluorescent epoxy
·        Re-grind 5 mm off the impregnated surface
·        Mount on object glass with UV hardening glue
·        Cut to 0.5 mm thickness using diamond saw
·        Grind with rollers nos. 1-3
·        Grinding stops automatically at set thickness
·        (SEM required polishing is optional)
·        Mount cover glass using UV-hardening glue


   Reliable fluorescence analysis of hardened concrete:

Moderately vibrated, w/c: 0.38 Over-vibrated, w/c: 0.38


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